Focus on Innovation in Configuration

By leveraging a strong core architecture we have been able to implement a robust set of learning tools including fully scalable, course management, community management, portfolio management, outcomes management. Driving innovation in areas like user points, leader boards, user relationships, micro-credentialing and badging, as well as built-in media support for PBS, TeacherTube, NPR, YouTube, and Vimeo.

Our team is laser focused on the integration of publisher content, 3rd party tools, and advancements in Learning Analytics.

 Openness Facilitates Innovative Relationships

Our core technology represents the ultimate in openness and extensibility with one of the largest communities in the world supporting its core technology and developing additional modules. We encourage organizations to extend the system by providing an environment that that can be used for testing in addition to the live environment. We work with our clients to then extend these capabilities and bring them into the core.

Our team provides development and configuration training to those clients that would like to add or modify core functionality. Through standardized development approaches for modules and features based on the expansive community of Drupal we work together to meet the goal of continued Innovation. With one of the most unique approaches in the Industry we provide extended benefits and modified economics to those organizations that do have interest in working with us for extended development with features and functions that can be incorporated back into the system.

Accessibility is a Priority

 Meeting the needs of disabilities is a critical step for any learning platform. Standard HTML, and CSS provides the least common denominator for accessibility. Built in modules can even be turned on to help instructors evaluate accessibility measures on their own content. It also helps provide a way of creating accessible content through well-structured themes and style sheets. We are continuously striving to make sure that our platforms meets 508a compliance.

Standards provide Guidance

Our platforms support:

  • IMS Common Cartridge
  • LTI – Learning Tools Interoperability
  • LIS

 Collaboration is Equal to Content

We believe that today’s learners require high levels of communication and collaboration throughout the learning experience. We give as much priority to effective collaboration as we do to high quality content authoring. Communication and collaboration tools should be integrated throughout the learning content experience to support individual pedagogy and facilitate in class, face-to-face, self-paced, blended, augmentation to the traditional classroom, or completely virtual experiences. A user points system facilitates motivation and engagement among users and the learning experience.

“Course Timeline” not just Course Content

We believe users should always know what activity is happening next. Our unique approach to content authoring provides authors with a dynamic and rapid drag and drop interface to create a course timeline. Course Timeline features allow all learning tools to be cross referenced easily into the Course Navigation tree. Making the course navigation a one stop shop for content and user learner activities. Move from content to a quiz, office hours with video chat, a discussion and then on to the next quiz.  Simple forward and next navigation allows learners to progress to the next item in the tree of activities and content. Continuous navigation speaks to student retention as well as engagement. Students can even bookmark content to begin where they left off.

Personalized Learning is Key

Critical to engaging students is the ability to provide them easy access to all their resources. It’s all about the learner, providing users with robust profiles, the ability to add friends within a private social network, easy access to learning bookmarks and pages saved from within courses and communities, quick access to grades and outcomes, access to achievements through badges and even a personal file storage system that can be accessed through every content editor in the system.

 Systems Management should be Scalable and Easy

Common system tasks are grouped together to make it simple and easy on system administrators. From security and authentication, the creation of dynamic courses, class and community environments, to the management of system or user analytics, make it easy.

 Integration should be Seamless

We believe integration with authentication, enrollment and data integration should be straight forward. Built in XML feed readers and data exchange tools allow for common integration into the system and standard development methodology for features and modules provides a common approach for making sure that it all works together.