A Platform that is Prepping for Interactive

Interactive television (also known as ITV or iTV) is a form of media convergence, adding data services to traditional television technology. Throughout its history, these have included on-demand delivery of content, as well as new uses such as online shopping, banking, and so forth. Interactive TV is a concrete example of how new information technology can be integrated vertically (into established technologies and commercial structures) rather than laterally (creating new production opportunities outside of existing commercial structures, e.g. the world wide web).

With its “education as media” strategic vision, we are prepared to capitalize on the seismic transformation the education and training industries are undergoing, a transformation likely to accelerate rapidly in the next few years. The entire delivery and consumption model for online education and training as we know it will change dramatically, not unlike the content distribution revolution occurring in the entertainment industry today.

New Distribution

With the advent of interactive, smart and touch screen technologies evolving in the television marketplace, Our team is prepping for a revolution in consumer education and training and the “flipped classroom”. Several Global publishers and media companies have already started to engage us in strategic conversations around applying our Learning Experience Platform and fundamental learning science to  media development, design and new distribution outlets.

By leveraging our web 3.0 platform technology and aligning it to new technologies we are gearing up to be the platform for massive content and media distribution. It’s a big blue ocean concept, grounded in the hear and now. Evolving education and training from internet, to mobile, to media is our forward looking strategy.

Are you a media or telecom looking to take the next level in the global education and training markets?

High Quality Content

The old school era of click-and-read and packaged up powerpoint and PDF’s is quickly giving way to instructionally designed high quality content that meets the needs of specific learning objectives, outcomes and competencies. Major media companies have libraries and libraries of incredible media assets. However, these assets need to be aligned to core education and training objectives and placed within a dynamic learning experience platform to power analytics, big data, user outcomes and profiles, and overall learning success tracking.

It’s an obvious evolution to a global marketplace that is demanding quality, efficiencies, outcomes and competencies, all possible through application of known technologies. Join us in our quest to combine education and media at a massive scale.